Sunday, March 30, 2014

Win a Pirate Hawk Water Bottle from Raskullz

With 3 little ones running around, we often have numerous water bottles on the tables.  It seems like when ever it's time to eat, we have to go searching the house for the water bottles.  My son would love to get a new one from Raskullz!  It would be a fun way to encourage more water.

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Win a $25 gift certificate to BuyGreen

The BuyGreen website has a bunch of neat items that would be really nice to have!  I'd love to get the Kee-Ka Organic Long Sleeve Kimono, the Miessence Shine Herbal Hair Condioner, Miessence Shampoo, and some 7th Gen Natural 4x Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent!

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Win a $35 gift certificate to Nomadic State of Mind Store

I'm not normally a huge sandal fan.  It's annoying when your feet get dirty.  But, I love the idea of these rope sandals!  And love the theme of the store to be in a nomadic state of mind.
They're also machine washable!  THAT is cool!  I would looooove to win a  pair!

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Win a Mason Jar and Chiller with Freezer Gel from Cool Gear

This set has a neat looking cup; it looks like a mason jar, but it's BPA-free plastic (no breaking!).  It would be neat to have the cooling jar/cup!  Especially for hubby who likes his water ice cold with lotsa ice.

I'd love to win this set from Cool Gear!

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Win a 3 Piece Set from UV Skinz

Both Ronan and Chiana have a summer set from UV Skinz.  I love them!  The colors are bright and vibrant, super cute.  I love that they protect them from the sun.  I also love that Chiana's is also a shirt and shorts.  It's very modest, yet is two piece so bathroom trips are easier.

I would looooooove to win a sew for Karah too!!

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