Friday, September 30, 2011

Mommy and Me - Learning Resources Giveaway

I would love to homeschool our kids!  Right now, I work full-time, so it's more of a dream.  And Ronan is only 2 and a half, so we're not quite there yet.  BUT, I would love to start doing more and more preschool type things with him.  Learning Resources has a bunch of fun ways to help preschoolers learn their colors, numbers, letters, etc.
This blog is giving away a set of the Jumbo Farm Counters!  Cooool! =)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mommy and Me - Educational Insights Giveaway

I love the idea Educational Insights has with their bean bag sets!  The shapes set has bean bags in various shapes, with the name of the shape written on it.  Cooool!  I think these would be a very fun way to help Ronan learn his shapes!  And numbers, and letters...  Especially since he loves throwing.  We could set up a bucket, say which shape, and toss 'em in.  Would be grean for learning colors too. 
If I had an embroidery machine, I totally would whip up some of these!  I wonder what people use for filler in bean bags; is it really beans?

We'd loooooove to win!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mommy and Me - New Jammies Giveaway

Now that the weather is starting to get a little colder, Ronan has cooperated with getting pajamas on more often.  We have a couple sleepers that (surprise!) still fit from last winter.  We would really love to try these adorable ones for him!  The turtle ones are perfect being that we have three pet turtles (have had 'em for over 10 years!).

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Mommy and Me - Cat Bird Baby Mei Tai Carrier Giveaway

I love babywearing!  I did it frequently with Ronan, and now with Chiana.  I did have a mei tai for a short time with Ronan, but he never really used it.  I traded it for some diaper stuff when he was pretty little, so we never got a chance to really try it out and use it.
I would loooove to try a mei tai carrier with Chiana!  Or Ronan for that matter!  I've read a lot about them, and think it'd be perfect for our babywearing arsenal!

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Mommy and Me - Family Stickers Giveaway

Have you ever seen those vehicles with little people stickers on the back window?  I've always thought those were pretty neat... to have a figure for each family member, and the pets too. 
I think it'd be fun to add to our car!!  Me, Jeff, Ronan, Chiana... and would hafta get an extra baby (and boy/girl).
They have magnets too - Ronan would love those for the fridge!

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Home Grown Families - SCRABBLE ALPHABET SCOOP Giveaway!

I haven't played any Scrabble games in forever.  We gave Amelia a Scrabble Flash for her bday this year, but still haven't gotten a chance to play.  I think it's a great word and letter learning game!  This new version looks like a lota fun!  Would love to win to play with Ronan and introduce more letter games with him!

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Home Grown Families - Kleenhanz Giveaway!

With a baby and a toddler, there is always something that needs to get cleaned up and / or sanitized.  Now that fall is starting, and kids are going back to school, germs and flu season are rampant!  We'd love to win this to help keep germs at bay and help keep everyone from getting sick!
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