Friday, August 19, 2011

I Am Not Superwoman - A Blogtastic Extravaganza!!

The Blogtastic Extravaganza is going on right now!  Check out the I Am Not Superwoman blog for a great giveaway at:

The giveaway includes:
~EZMeals service - neato! I'm so unorganized with meals cuz of work
~More Time Moms family organizer - once again... I'm so unorganized right now! this would be great!
~The Coupon wallet - I soo need one of these!  We really need to use more coupons
~Simplify: Becoming Minimalist. - sounds like my philosophy! or at least what I try to strive towards
~Lovable Labels. - great for labeling Ronan's stuff as he goes out more!
~Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt Cookbook. - this sounds really interesting! Cool!
~$15.00 Starbucks Gift Card - oooooo! not a coffee drinker but they do have some other yummy drinks! would love this as haven't splurged in this type of stuff since... college!
~$25.00 Applebees Gift Card - awesome! I love being able to take my hubby and kids out to eat (and not have to cook/clean!)!

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