Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kerrific Online - QT Pie Product's Etsy giveaway

This Etsy shop has a bunch of images and misc for bottle caps. They also have some cute finished complete caps. The Veggie Tales ones are really cute!
I wonder if she would do finished/complete caps in the Mickey Mouse images??!

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Kerrific Online - Virtue of Domesticity's Etsy giveaway

Ronan enjoys playing with the little plastic dishes and pretending to eat. Our current pretent play food are these little plastic squares and triangles from Fazoli's. They're not exactly food-like!
I'd love to win this giveaway for him! It'd be fun to "play food" with actual play food! I'd love the Dessert Tray play food felt box of sweets with donuts, cookies, cake set!

Visit for the giveaway:

Kerrific Online - Bummas Wipes giveaway

After two years of cloth diapering Ronan and a few months already with Chiana, our cloth wipes are starting to be pretty sad looking! I would love to try a set of the Bummas wipes! They look really luxurious! =)

Visit for the giveaway:

Kerrific Online - Ambernee Crochet's Etsy giveaway

This Etsy shop has some ADORABLE crocheted hats and misc! Soooo cute! I would love to win one of the owl hats for Chiana! My fav is the Owl Earflap Pilot Cap - Chocolate Brown, Fuschia Pink, Soft Ecru, Sage Green and Orange!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life In The Lost World - PopCorners Giveaway

I love chips. But I hate that they have tons of crap in them, and that I usually have a tummy ache after eating them.

I think Popcorners would be a much less guilty treat! I'd sure love to try them!

Mommy and Me - Wupzey Giveaway

Ronan is not a neat & clean eater. Stuff falls on the floor, he spills, etc, etc. It's just messy. He's two! It's normal! I'd love to try this food mat and a coverall bib with him! Visit for the review and giveaway:

Mommy and Me - ToyToy Giveaway

ToyToy makes cardboard childrens furniture! Neato!
I’d love to get this for Ronan! We have a small house and don’t have much for furniture his size (cuz we just don’t have a lota room!), but this would be perfect!
We’d pick a blue one! =)

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Mommy and Me - Soap It Up Giveaway

I love finding new soaps and products that are more natural. I think they are a great gift too... something that's unique and fun but also practical.
I love the fun yummy scents this gal has! It would be fun to try some of her soaps!

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Mommy and Me - Snikiddy Giveaway

I love food! =) I'd love to try Snikiddys snacks and fries! They look really yummy!!
Ronan and Jeff would love 'em too. Ronan loves when he can dip his food into something. It's so messy, but he likes it.

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Mommy and Me - Skidders Giveaway

It's amazing some of the things infants and toddlers DO wear out. Infants and clothes.... not really. But, once they start walking, shoes can get a real beating!
A bunch of Ronan's old too-small shoes aren't in the greatest shape. I'd love to get Chiana some new ones, and girly too!

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Mommy and Me - TETON Sports Giveaway

We live here in MN and it gets cold in the winter! Even in the spring or fall, the nights can get really cold! My sleeping bag for camping is just a lower quality cheaper one. I'd loooooooove a good one for camping, even right now when it still sometimes gets in the 30's at night.
I'd looove the Celsius XL 0 Degrees sleeping bag!!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Mommy and Me - Itti Bitti Giveaway

I love cloth diapering! =) Chiana is pretty much grown out of her smalls and I'd love an itti bitti diaper to use with her!
Madison Organics is giving away one - sure would be fun to get a print one!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Mommy and Me - Pocket XShot Giveaway

Our camera hasn't been working very well lately. The flash timing is off and it is often over or under exposed. As a result, we haven't been taking it with as often as we should! There have been so many cute moments with the kids that would be great to capture!

We'd love to win this!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Familylicious - Creativity for Kids Giveaway

Mosaic Jewelry Box!

With five nieces, it is fun to find new and exciting toys and projects for them to try out! I'd love to do this project with my daughter, but she's only four months old. It would be fun to do with one of my nieces though!


The Crafty Nest - Best Bottoms Giveaway

We cloth diaper with Chiana, and she is pretty much grown out of her size small AIOs. I really love AIOs/AI2s as they're much quicker to hang on the drying rack and to gather up when dry. I'm pretty tired of stuffing pockets!

I'd really looove to try the Best Bottoms system! That, and they have super cute dipes!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Familylicious - Red Toolbox Giveaway

The Red Toolbox kits are really cute! It is a really neat idea! Great for kids to be able to use tools and be able to make something. Ronan may be a little young for this, but he loooooooves tools. He got screwdrivers for his birthday, and not the toy ones (he knows the difference).

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Familylicious - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Great Outdoors DVD Playset plus Mickey Mote Giveaway

Ronan loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! He'd watch it all day if he could!
I'd looooooove to win this for him!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

The Cloth Diaper Report - $20 GC to The Glass Baby Bottle Giveaway

I've seen the EIO Kids Cup on another giveaway before, but didn't win. I'd love a chance to get one with this giftcard giveaway! Ronan does well with whatever kind of cup. He doesn't really need the sippy cups with the spout. But, it is really nice to have some kind of cover to make spills less messy. That, and I love that this one uses a canning jar. Neat idea!
Also, I'd love to get another Bum Genius Elemental diaper for Chiana!Visit for the review and giveaway:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mommy and Me - Artistic Sensations kids sleeping bag Giveaway

We love to go camping! A childrens sleeping bag would work great for Ronan! I think it would give him some ownership of his bed area. And the Crazy Camo is super cute!

Visit for the reivew and giveaway:

MN Mama Must Haves - Hero Fruit Spreadables Gift Pack Giveaway

Who doesn't love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?! They're quick, simple, and easy. Perfect for the kiddos! Perfect when you're too exhaused to make a "real" lunch. Perfect when you're in a hurry. Perfect for a picnic!

We would looooove to try this great set!!

MN Mama Must Haves - Scentsy Buddy Giveaway!

The Scentsy Buddies are sooo cute! The little pig...adorable! And a frog....ooooo!

Ronan loves to watch Mickey Mouse and one of his favorite episodes has an elephant in it. I would love to win Ollie the Elephant Scentsy Buddy for him!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Mommy and Me - The Boys Store Giveaway

Ronan needs new socks! He all the sudden grew out of all the ones we have.
We'd love to win the gift certificate to The Boys Store to get some for him!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Mommy and Me - Inglesina Giveaway

We don't have a lota extra space in our house. I've been avoiding getting out the high chair for Chiana because it takes up quite a bit of floor space, expecially since it'd be just for sitting in to play (no solids here for a couple months still).

We'd looooooove to win this for her!! It would get a ton of use! She would looove something that she can sit up at the table and be able to watch everyone!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Cloth Diaper Report - National Geographic Kids Baby Animal Pop! {Book} Giveaway

Ronan loooooves animals! Almost everytime we go anywhere he begs asks to see the the neighbors cows. He loves going to his cousins house with the cows, chickens, dog, kittens and cats. I've been trying to get him to look at books more (rather than use them for car ramps and roads). I think he would really enjoy this book!!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Steals, Deals, and Life - Chuggington Giveaway

Every little boy or girl needs a train set! ;) Ronan would loooove to have a track to piece together and run the little train around on! I think it's great toy for his development, and fun for adults to play with him too. We would love to win the set for him!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blommi - Chuggington Giveaway

Ronan loves to play with the train set over at Nana and Papa's. He is pretty good at hooking up the track and running the train along.
I would looooove to get him a set to play with at home. It would be good for his development, and fun to play trains with him!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

All Aboard (the review & giveaway train) - Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra Giveaway

The Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra looks like an excellent bra! All the nursing bras I have are the same ol ones I used with Ronan and some during Chiana's pregnancy. Needless to say, they're pretty tattered and worn. I'd really love to try this one!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life In The Lost World - Mother-ease AIO Giveaway

We love using cloth diapers! With Chiana, I am definately preferring AIOs as they are much quicker to change, hang dry, and "fold".
I'd love to try the Mother-Ease brand!!!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Life In The Lost World - Eco-Friendly Shopping Tote Giveaway

I'd love to use cloth bags more at the store, but I often forget. We only have the larger ones that are similar-ish to paper bags and how they fold flat.
I'd love to try one of these Eco-Friendly Shopping Totes from The Blue Sky Collection!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Life In The Lost World - Ecoware Biodegadable Wooden Cutlery Giveaway

I'm all for things that are better for the earth, but hate when those products are sub-par and not nearly as nice to use as the other stuff. These look awesome! I would love to try these as opposed to plastic silverware! Perfect for camping this summer=)

Visit for the review and giveaway: