Friday, April 29, 2011

Mommy and Me - Piggy Paint Giveaway

I love that Piggy Paint is non-toxic, which means you can breath easy when you polish your nails. Seriously - you can take a big ol wiff and not keel over! Piggy Paint has no formaldehyde, toulene, phthalates, BPA, ethyl acetate, or acetone. Piggy Paint only contains ingredients that are biodegradable and leave no trace or residue behind.

I love this for the kids (and me)!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Smiley Monkey - Best Bottom One Size Diaper System Giveaway

One Smiley Monkey (Natural Parenting): Best Bottom One Size Diaper System Review *OPEN Gi...: "Best Bottom OS Diaper System (Diaper Cover and Stay-Dry Inserts) I was recently introduced to Best Bottom Diapers, a family own diaper c..."

I'd realllllllly love to try these! The Flip covers don't seem to fit super great in Chiana's legs. These look like they'd work great with the leg gussets!

MN Mama Must Haves - Rebecca St. James

I listened to my Rebecca St. James CD a ton in high school, but haven't too much since then. I think largely because I just don't listen to CDs very much anymore.

I'd love to win her new CD to get reaquainted with her music!!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Silly Monkeys - Smarcks Giveaway

I really want to win these! It would be a very good developmental tool for Ronan. That, and building blocks are fun to play with. Even when you're the adult playing with a toddler (some toddler toys can be really annoying!).

Kostiuk Crew - Smarcks Giveaway

Ronan enjoys playing with Duplos Legos and Mega Blocks. I really think he would enjoy playing with Smarcks! It would be a good learning thing for him too! Blocks that say colors would be neat - he doesn't ave that quite figured out yet.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kostiuk Crew - Bug Pod Giveaway

There are toys scattered around the tub ledge in our bathroom! Ot would be great to have a Bug Pod to keep them coralled! It'd be fun for Ronan too, instead of just a boring bag or something! Visit for the review and giveaway:

All Aboard (the review & giveaway train) - LaMa Bra Giveaway

When nursing Ronan I did get a couple nursing bras that seemed to fit pretty well. Now, with Chiana, they're pretty worn out and I'm having a hard time spending so much for one. I had gotten 1-2 new ones since then, but one fits wierd, and one is too small cup. Soo, I'm just using a realllly worn out one and a too-small one. *sigh* I'd looove to try these! Visit for the review and giveaway:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Familylicious - Smarcks Giveaway

I think that building blocks are a great thing for kids to play with! They inspire creativity and can be used to make barns, garages, airplanes, space ships, trees, swords, all kinds of things!! =)
We would love to win these for Ronan!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Cloth Diaper Report - Pillow Pets Giveaway

Pillow Pets are really cute animal toys and pillows - all in one! I'd love to win one for Ronan. He's been getting more attached to his puppy stuffed animal. And it is so cute watching him play with it.

Secretly, I'd love a pillow myself ;)

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Familylicious - Chuggington Giveaway

Ronan enjoys playing with the train set at Nana and Papas house. He is able to get the track pieces put together, and hooks up the train cars. He is still a little confused by the repelling magnets when hooked up the wrong way.

He loves the train set! I would loooove to win this for him!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

MN Mama Must Haves - Pillow Pet Giveaway

Pillow Pets are really cute! I love that it's not just another stuffed animal - it's a pillow too! I was thinking anout a nephew's birthday this summer and what to get for a twelve year old. I bet he'd like one of these!

And... I kinda want one for me! Silly, huh! I can always just say it's Ronan's ;)

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Kostiuk Crew - Pretzel Crisps Giveaway

I have a love/hate relationship with chips. I love eating them! But I hate that I crave them cuz I know they aren't that good for you.

Pretzels are better. But.... Pretzel Crisps - now that's a good match!

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Cartoon Lovin' Mama - Ecoland Giveaway

Ronan is growing so fast and barely has any socks that fit! We would looove to these Ecoland socks! They're organic and it seems to be a really good company.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

29 Diapers - Baby Legs Giveaway

We love Baby Legs! I've been using them with Chiana under her sleeper/romper outfits. I can't wait till it's a little warmer and we can just to a onsie and Baby Legs! It's always sooooo cute! Cute AND functional! LOVE IT! Visit for the review and giveaway: