Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Coupon Queen Bee - Hug A Monkey Baby Sling Giveaway

Chiana prefers to be held most of the time - no surprise there! The Moby wrap works pretty well - except it is a bit of a hassle to put on.

That, and Jeff accidentally washed it with his coat that had diesel spilled on it. We've tried many different things and it's been washed a bajillion times - but still smells like diesel.

I would looooooove to try the Hug A Monkey sling with her!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways - Cow Patties Cloth - Famous Pocket Fitted

We're currently using BG pockets with Chiana at night. And homemade sleeve dipes with Ronan at night. If we could find a good fitting fitted option for Chiana that would be awesome. I would love for her little but to get better air flow. The Cow Patties Cloth has a bunch of super cute options! We would loooove to try their diapers! Visit for the review and giveaway:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mommy Katie - Smarcks Talking Building Blocks Giveaway

Ronan enjoys playing with legos, mega blocks, and stacking things.
These blocks would be perfect for him!!!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Monday, March 21, 2011

MN Mama Must Haves - Birthday Bash!

She's hosting a birthday bash for her daughters third birthday and there are going to be lots of awesome giveaways!
Minnesota Mama's Must Haves Birthday Bash

I'm excited to hopefully win some things! =)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kostiuk Crew - Schleich giveaway

Ronan loves animals. And he loves animal figurines. He got some of Schleich's farm animals for Christmas and they're really nice! Very detailed!

We would love to get him some wild animals!!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Kostiuk Crew - TeeWit giveaway

I love the shirts at TeeWit! They have some really clever & funny ones!
I would looooooove to win this one for Jeff!

He's been complaining about those things ;)

"You've got problems? I get puked, pooped, and peed on regularily, and I don't sleep. EVER. I win."

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Friday, March 18, 2011

MN Mama Must Haves - Chuggington Train Set Giveaway

Minnesota Mama Must Haves is hosting a giveaway for a Chuggington train set. It is sooo cute! Ronan doesn't have any track sets and he would loooooooove this! Everytime we go to Nana & Papa he loves to play with the little train there.
This would be PERFECT for him!!

Visit for the reivew and giveaway:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mama Days - Maxwell Desings Wetbag Giveaway

We use cloth diapers, so we use wetbags. I made a couple myself, but they need new handles and really aren't very exciting. This one is super cute!!

I really like the Dig It Construction print, and the Dino Dudes print. Oh, and Jungle Black print.

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Monday, March 14, 2011

I Won!! - Discovering the Mommy in Me - WHAMIES Wetbag

I won a WHAMIES wetbag and it came in the mail today! It is VERY nice! It has a fun print cotton outer and PUL inner. Very nice quality! And it's pretty big - about two times the size of my regular boring green wetbags. With a nice handle strap. This will be awesome for all day outings! I'm excited to use it!

Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Doable Diapers - Rumparooz Giveaway

Doable Diapers: New Giveaway!: "As promised in the newsletter, we are hosting a giveaway in honor of reaching 600 Facebook fans. As I was waiting for the current give..."

Congrats to her for reaching so many followers!

The giveaway is for a Rumparooz diaper! We would love to try this with Chiana!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Money Mission Online - GNC Giftcard

We are often in need of new vitamins and/or headache meds or something!! It would be super to win a giftcard to GNC to stock up on a few things!

Visit for the giveaway:

Your World: Healthy and Natural - Best Bottoms Giveaway

These diapers look really neat! I would love to try this type with Chiana! Currently we use Smartipants with Ronan and some XS AIOs with Chiana, and some BGs, and stray dipes. But, these look like a simple system! Stuffing pockets certainly gets old!

And they're super cute!

Visit Your World: Healthy and Natural for the review and giveaway:

A Mommy's Blessing - Best Bottoms Diaper Giveaway

I would loooove to try these diapers! Stuffing pockets gets really old really quick. Snapping the insert would be a lil easier. especially since u could just stack 'em up at the changing area. And they have some really cute prints and color combinations!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Their website:

Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways - GoGoNatural's DinkleDooz Pocket Diaper Giveaway

Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways: GoGoNatural's DinkleDooz Pocket Diaper Review & Gi...: "Let me begin in such a way that I leave no lingering doubts in your minds: I am in love. When GoGoNatural's owner, Meredith Abney, said sh..."

These sound like really nice diapers! I would love to try one for both Chiana and Ronan!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All Aboard (the review & giveaway train)!: Angel Dear Napping Blanket Review & Giveaway

All Aboard (the review & giveaway train)!: Angel Dear Napping Blanket Review & Giveaway: "Review & Giveaway When my son was approximately 12 months old we got him his first 'teddy bear' blanket...and he was in love! Sure, he ..."

We would loove to get a giraffe or pink giraffe blankie!!! Soooo cute! Perfect for Chiana!

All Aboard (the review & giveaway train) - Seventh Generation Giveaway

All Aboard (the review & giveaway train)!: Let's Talk Period (Seventh Generation Review & Giv...: "Review & Giveaway(US)Attention Readers: This post will be discussing the menstrual cycle. Seventh Generation director of corporate phil..."

It's a little disturbing learning about what's in many feminine hygiene products. Seventh Generation is a much safer alternative to other common brands!

All Aboard (the review & giveaway train) - Thirsties Fab Wipes & Booty Luster Giveaway

All Aboard (the review & giveaway train)!: Thirsties Fab Wipes & Booty Luster (Review & Givea...: " Review & Giveaway(US & Canada) Thirsties® is a small (but growing!) cloth diaper company committed to greener parenting and E..."

We could always use some more wipes! The Thirsties ones sound really nice!

And I'd love to try the Booty Luster! It'd be awesome to have in the diaper bag too!

My Silly Monkeys - Piccoli Sogni Children's Boutique Giveaway

This boutique has some absolutely adorable items! It's pretty tough to pick just one or two things!

Check out this super cute outfit:
"This piggy went to the market"

Soooo cute! I'd love to get it for Chiana!

Visit for the review and giveaway:


Monday, March 7, 2011

I Won!! - Familylicious - Snorg Tees!

I won a shirt from Snorg Tees! I am sooo excited! Jeff has been complaining that he never has any shirts. Sooo... his favorite is this one:

He doesn't know that I won though! I'm super excited to get it for him as a gift!
I can't wait till it gets here!!!

Thank you so much Familylicious for hosting the giveaway:

And Thank you Snorg Tees for the item!

MN Mama Must Haves - Smart Bottoms Diapers

Smart Bottoms is a cloth diaper company, but they have a different approach to sales. They have in-home parties like Tupperware or Pampered Chef. That way you can see and feel the dipes! It'd be nice to be able to see and touch 'em! There aren't any CD stores near us... but maybe that's a good thing! I'd want to buy a bunch! ;)

We'd love to try an AIO in pink, size medium!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

So Easy Being Green - Upcoming Event!

So Easy Being Green blog is hosting a review and giveaway event starting March 14th! She will be including things like wool, fitteds, and accessories.

If you're a cloth diapering addict like me, you'll want to sign up!

Visit her blog for the details:

Mrs. No-No Knows - CSN Stores Giveaway

The CSN Store has lots and lots of neat items!
We would love to win a giftcard to the store! I'd love to try the AMP cloth diapers they have. And/or a new toaster would be nice - ours only half works sorta.
I'd love to shop for some stuff there!!

Visit for the giveaway:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Familylicious - Jump Into Spring DVD Giveaway

Ronan usually watches whatever we are. Recently he has been asking to watch Mickey Mouse. It gets reallllllly old seeing and hearing the same episode a bjillion times and I think he'd love seeing some other cartoons. It would be great to win a DVD of something that is geared towards children!

Visit the review and giveaway here:

Familylicious - Action Pack 4DVD Giveaway

Ronan has recently started getting more interested in watching tv. He loves Mickey Mouse, but he hasn't seem many of the other kids shows.

We'd love to win the 4dvd giveaway! He loooooves tools, and I'm sure he would enjoy it!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Familylicious - Barefoot Books Giveaway

Barefoot Books has some really cute books, puzzles, and puppets! We'd love to win a giftcard to their store!
We'd get Amelia a dairy - she has had one on her list for a while.
And Ronan a puzzle=) He's pretty good at the ones he has. I think he'd have fun with a new one.

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Adventures in all Things Food - Eco-Foil Pans Giveaway

Sometimes it is really nice to have disposable pans on hand. Before the baby was born I made up a bunch of hotdishes in disposable pans and froze them. That way we could have a meal with minimal cleanup. I did throw a couple in the dishwasher and re-used them, but it was reallly nice to not have to worry about it.

They're also great for vacations and food gifts to people! Or to bring to a party!

It's a great bonus that these pans are recyclable! Better for the earth!

Visit for the giveaway:

Eco Foil Pans:

The Baby Store Plus - Thrifty Thursdays

Visit for a great deal!

Every Thursday she posts a new deal for something at their store!

This weeks is 33.3% off Melissa & Doug toys. These are really nice high-quality toys too!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm That Mommy - Custom Made Diaper Giveaway

The Granny Fancy Pants diapers are super cute!

She does custom made embroidered any color, any initial pocket diapers. Very cute! We'd love one for Chiana, "C", size medium, pink!

She also does some other very cute diaper embroidery!

Visit for the giveaway:

Granny Fancy Pants Etsy shop:

My Silly Monkeys - Minui HandySitt Giveaway

We only have our regular big high chair that we used with Ronan. He hasn't used it for a while...well...since we moved it's still in storage. He certainly would still fit in it, it's just big, bulky, and he likes to be a big boy.

The Minui HandySitt would be perfect for him when we go out, and for at home!
And it would be even more perfect for outings for Chiana in a few months!

PS: Princess DOT looks adorable and quite comfy in it! =)

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Knocked Up and Nursing - Cheeky Diaper Giveaway

I love the customabilty of these diapers! I've sewn mannny diapers for Ronan and Chiana (gosh, over a hundred...).
Despite having sewn so many, I really love trying other types. Some of my favs are popular brands.

ANyways, having sewn so many, having the choice of fabrics & colors is a really unique trait!

We would love to try the Cheeky diaper cover and a fitted!

Visit the review and giveaway:

Knocked Up and Nursing - Sage Diaper Giveaway

More cloth diapers! I really like AIOs for the laundering convenience, but... our toddler can soak most AIOs wayyy to quickly! Pockets have been the answer for him for a while.

I'd love to try the Sage Pocket diaper!!

Visit the review and giveaway:

Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways - Driline Baby Gift Pack

We use cloth diapers full-time. Ronan is hopfully nearing the end of his "CDing journey", but Chiana is just beginning!

We would looooove to try the Bamboo AIO diaper, crib pad, and towel!!

Visit for the giveaway:

Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways - Bumblebee Baby Prize Pack

I have done numerous snap conversions for Blueberry diapers and love their designs and style, but have never had the chance to use them.

I would love to try their minky diapers!!!

Visit for the review and giveaway:

Fitteds & Pockets & Snappis - Cloth Diaper Package Giveaway!

I love using cloth diapers with our little ones. Ronan is in the throws of potty training, but he does still use diapers at home and for outings. Chiana of course will be using 'em for a while still!
Fitteds & Pockets & Snappis is doing a $120 diaper package giveaway! We would looooooove to win! Some of our dipes are getting worn out and we could use a few more. That and it is alllllways fun to try new kinds!

Visit for the giveaway:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Won!! - Conscientious Confusion - Diapers Etc GC

I won a $25 giftcard to Diapers Etc!!! I'm a little addicted to cloth diaper stuff and am sooo excited to have been able to shop there!!
I couldn't wait to to order.... so I decided to get a Bum Genius Elemental in Blossom pink for Chiana. The Elementals don't quite fit her yet, but they worked really well with Ronan and I'm guessing they'll be a fav with her too. AIOs are really nice cuz you don't have to do stuffing as with pockets (aka: laundry is quicker=).

Thank you sooooo much Diapers Etc, Conscientious Confusion, and Eco Chic Parties for the giveaways!

The Cloth Diaper Report - WeePOD Giveaway

Ronan is in the throws of potty training and we would loooove to win the WeePOD for him! He does have a toddler potty, but we'd love to be able to have him sit on the toilet too without holding on for dear life or falling in!

Visit for the giveaway:

Kam Snaps - Mountain Babies & GC

I love Kam Snaps and have ordered from them numerous times. That's where I got my snap press and numerous snaps. On my last order I got a yard of the cute girly ooga booga fabric too! It made a cute blankie for Chiana! =)
I'd love to win a giftcard to the store!

They're also doing a giveaway for something from Mountain Babies. They make absolutely adorable crocheted hats! So cute!

Visit the giveaway here:

Tales From the Nursery - Crazt Dog Tshirts

Jeff could use some new shirts. We loves the ones from Crazy Dog T Shirts!
His choice...

Visit Tales from the Nursery for the giveaway:

Frugal Follies - CSN Stores GC

Enter to win a giftcard to CSN Stores with Frugal Follies!
We would love to win as we could really use a new toaster and they have some great options!

Thank you Frugal Follies for doing the giveaway!