Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Won!! Hot Mama Gown!

I won a Hot Mama Gown! A Grace pink gown!

It arrived via FedEx yesterday, and WOW! I opened the regular ol' cardboard box and found a BEAUTIFULLY packaged present just for me! =)

I am so excited that it arrived before the baby decided to meet us! Now, I can use it for during labor, and for after the baby is born. How perfect!!

The gal behind Hot Mama Gowns, Deidrea, is an extremely friendly and kind person! I love her bio story on their website too.

Ronan was born at home, and we plan to have this baby at home too, so I haven't experienced first hand the hospital gowns when having a baby. BUT, I was there for my sister's last two births, and have visted several friends and family in the hospital with a new baby. A Hot Mama Gown is definately a million percent better than those hospital things!

AND, just cuz our plan is to birth at home, doesn't mean I don't want something comfy, cute, and functional to lounge in when we have immediate or un-announced visitors! Or when the midwives or my mom get there for the labor.

I'm so excited to try it out! I'm hoping to have some labor and after-baby pics of me wearing it=)

Thank you so so much Hot Mama Gowns!

Thank you Cafe Style Moms for hosting this giveaway!

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