Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Won!! - Familylicious - BornFree CoolFlow Pacifiers

I won a few of the Born Free Cool Flow Pacifiers! How cool is that?!
It is perfect timing for the new baby due in a couple weeks!

They arrived in the mail today. The larger plastic case on one of the packages was all cracked and broken - but thankfully the contents were completely fine.

They even come with little nipple covers - how cool! I love this feature! I remember pacifier cases being really nice to have when Ronan was a baby, but not all of 'em came with one (or in one instance it had to be positioned just correctly or it just smooshed it).

Granted, they do say their Stage 2, 6+ months size. I wonder what the difference is between these and Stage 1....
Either way, I'm excited to have them for the new baby!! =)

Thank you Familylicious for hosting this giveaway!

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