Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Won!! - ABE Winner - PennyWiseMama

I won the Blogtastic Extravaganza giveaway with PennyWiseMama blog!! Sooooo excited!

It included a Baby Legs set...

I love Baby Legs! They have really nice products! We used the legwarmers with Ronan=) The set included two girly leg warmers, a package of socks (two pair), and a pair of footless tights! I've never used footless tights - it'll be fun to try those out!

Here's Chiana in her new Fresca Leg Warmers! I know the outfit doesn't match - she doesn't exactly enjoy getting dressed yet.

It also included a $20 Jasmere credit!
I got some oranges! Yummy!

And it included a BonBon charm necklace! So beautiful!
I don't wear a lot of jewelry, nor very often - but I really like how this piece is sturdy enough for frequent use yet elegant enough for nicer days! At first I was worried that the chain would be too short, though after wearing it a while it does go nicely with not-low cut shirts (which I usually wear). And it's not always dangling in my way (especially with little kids around). And it holds up well to the light tugs from Ronan and Chiana!

Thank you so much PennyWiseMama!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Won!! Hot Mama Gown!

I won a Hot Mama Gown! A Grace pink gown!

It arrived via FedEx yesterday, and WOW! I opened the regular ol' cardboard box and found a BEAUTIFULLY packaged present just for me! =)

I am so excited that it arrived before the baby decided to meet us! Now, I can use it for during labor, and for after the baby is born. How perfect!!

The gal behind Hot Mama Gowns, Deidrea, is an extremely friendly and kind person! I love her bio story on their website too.

Ronan was born at home, and we plan to have this baby at home too, so I haven't experienced first hand the hospital gowns when having a baby. BUT, I was there for my sister's last two births, and have visted several friends and family in the hospital with a new baby. A Hot Mama Gown is definately a million percent better than those hospital things!

AND, just cuz our plan is to birth at home, doesn't mean I don't want something comfy, cute, and functional to lounge in when we have immediate or un-announced visitors! Or when the midwives or my mom get there for the labor.

I'm so excited to try it out! I'm hoping to have some labor and after-baby pics of me wearing it=)

Thank you so so much Hot Mama Gowns!

Thank you Cafe Style Moms for hosting this giveaway!

I Won!! Familylicious - Ruby Moom Natural Laundry

I won a $10 gift card to Ruby Moon Natural Laundry!

Woohoo! I am excited to try this out with our cloth diapers (and ridiculously hard water)! Currently, we use Rockin' Green Hard Rock for the main diaper wash. But, if this works just as well.... and is cheaper - then we will perhaps have a new supplier!

Thank you Familylicious for hosting this giveaway!

Thank you Ruby Moon!

Minnesota Mama Must Haves - Prince Lionheart weePOD

Minnesota Mama Must Haves is hosting a review and giveaway for a Prince Lionheart weePOD!

This would be PERFECT for us because Ronan is in the throws of starting potty training! We've never really been able to get him to sit on his little froggy potty chair. But, lately, he's been doing pretty good sitting on the toilet. This would really help him sit on it without needing to hold on like crazy. He does do pretty good, but this would definately make it easier!

MN Mama Must Haves giveaway:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Familylicious - Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash

I'm always on the lookout for easy, natural, inexpensive laundry detergents. One thing I've been doing is to make my own. But, it isn't the best alternative for cloth diapers because it uses a shredded bar of soap (soap can cause buildup on cloth diapers).

The Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash is cloth diaper safe - yay! I would love to try some with Ronan's dipes to see how it works with our well water - which can be a pain.

Familylicious is giving away a $10 gift card for Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash at:

Visit the Ruby Moon website at:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Won!! - Familylicious - BornFree CoolFlow Pacifiers

I won a few of the Born Free Cool Flow Pacifiers! How cool is that?!
It is perfect timing for the new baby due in a couple weeks!

They arrived in the mail today. The larger plastic case on one of the packages was all cracked and broken - but thankfully the contents were completely fine.

They even come with little nipple covers - how cool! I love this feature! I remember pacifier cases being really nice to have when Ronan was a baby, but not all of 'em came with one (or in one instance it had to be positioned just correctly or it just smooshed it).

Granted, they do say their Stage 2, 6+ months size. I wonder what the difference is between these and Stage 1....
Either way, I'm excited to have them for the new baby!! =)

Thank you Familylicious for hosting this giveaway!