Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Silly Monkeys giveaway - Spin and Go Mop

I just plain old hate mopping. There's trying to keep everyone out of the kitchen till you're done and it's dry (and attempting to keep it clean for at least a few hours instead of instantly getting spilled on). For the quick mop thing I have currently, I'm out of disposable pads (so it doesn't get used much anymore) - AKA: disposable pads are annoying to have to continue buying. For the non-disposable mop heads, there's the hand washing of those, or hand squeezing.

I'd love to try the Spin and Go mop! It looks much more user friendly! I think it would motivate me to get the floors washed more often (and maybe some walls too)! With moving soon, it would be PERFECT for the initial cleaning! And we'll have less carpet over there too...

I'd love to win the Spin and Go mop!!

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