Thursday, May 27, 2010

Familylicious - UV Skinz giveaway

We would looooove to win the giveaway for the UV Skinz clothing! Their website:

They have UV protection clothing for children. This would be very helpful for Ronan this summer! I hate to slather him in sunscreen constantly, and if he can wear clothing that protects him, (and use little or no sunscreen), then that is awesome!

See the review and giveaway at:

Table for Five - Yummi Gummy Vitamins giveaway

We haven't quite started a routine of vitamins for Ronan, but it's something we should probably start sometime soon.
The Hero Nutritionals Yummy Bears seem like a great solution. I'm quite certain that Ronan would gobble them up (and want more). They're gummy bears (mmmmmm), and I love that they don't have the artificial flavors and colors.

See the review and giveaway at:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Table For Five giveaway - Wrap-N-Mat

It would be wonderful to have an option for sandwiches in lunches and picnic type lunches for something that is both the packaging and a placemat to keep food clean. The Wrap-N-Mat is a neat idea!

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Table For Five giveaway - Dr bloom chewable jewels

Ronan has past the stage where everything goes into his mouth. But, he still likes to taste lotsa things!
It would be really neat to have a chewable necklace that I could wear to help keep him entertained for those times when he needs to be more quiet (ex: church), and also something to fiddle with when he's nursing.
Of course, it would also be super nice for the next baby!

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